Putting On My Dancing Flip Flops In Key West

One of the toughest challenges my wife and I had was planning our wedding. I’m not kidding. It got heated from time to time, and what made it worse was it wasn’t us putting the pressure on ourselves. It was everyone else. As the first child to get married in each family, everybody had an opinion on what we should do and nobody was shy about sharing them. It got to the point where we almost eloped, but then we did the next best thing: we decided to get married in Key West, Florida.

We invited everybody that we had planned on, told them all that is was going to be a very simple beachfront ceremony, and that if they wanted to come to the reception, we needed to know a month in advance. Once we had our number, we then scrambled to pick from the Key West restaurants to find the perfect place. We wanted a combination of fresh seafood on the reception menu and outdoor patio areas so we could dine and dance under the stars. We were lucky enough to get a booking at our first choice, and after that, the planning was basically done.

My cousin thought it was the coolest idea ever, so he got his certification online so he could marry us. Most of the people who had shared an opinion agreed that we had managed to throw one heck of a wedding, and as the two of us danced to our first song, both in our flip flops, we knew that we had made the right decision as well…so much so that we booked our one year anniversary trip even before we left Key West.

Choosing the Perfect Reception Menu for Your Key West, Florida Wedding

When it comes to planning a wedding, there are so many things to consider. There is so much planning that one person alone may become overwhelmed at the thought of seeing to all of these minor details. Some aspects of the process are very enjoyable (like finding your wedding dress), but other aspects can seem like a nightmare. This is why many couples choose to have a destination wedding in a lovely town like Key West, Florida.

A wedding in this tropical location is ideal because you are visiting one of the most beautiful places on earth while still remaining in the United States. When it comes time to plan your reception menu, there are a few things you should remember. The goal is to provide delicious food that everyone can enjoy- even the bride and groom! However, catering to such a variety of people makes it difficult to please everyone. This is not always easy. If you know of any allergies people have (like seafood, gluten or peanuts), make sure you try to give these people options. This way they will at least get to enjoy some of the dishes you will be serving at your gorgeous Key West, Florida wedding. Although you will not be able to please everyone, you can certainly try to give people options so they can better enjoy the food. This way everyone will remember your wedding as a fun event where the food was delicious as the music was happening.

Quick and Easy Tips for planning a Key West Wedding Reception

You have chosen the location for your island wedding in Key West, Florida. You have figured out who to invite to the ceremony, and you’ve found the wedding dress of your dreams. One other task you will need to go about deciding on that is of great importance will be what to serve your guests.

Picking out the menu for your reception might just be one of the more difficult decisions you will be making during the planning process. You don’t just have to pick out the food service company to use or restaurant that will host, you also need to make sure that every guest will have options available that suits their taste, dietary considerations and medical concerns. You do want all your guests to be happy, after all. A great way to make sure everyone will be satisfied with their entree is by providing several options. Whether you are having a buffet style reception or served dishes, you can get the information you need to make your choices by having your guests fill out their preferences and dietary concerns on the RSVP card included in your invitations.

Having a destination wedding can also make the decision process more challenging. If you have hired a local event specialist, ask him or her about Key West restaurants, local cuisine and locals’ favorites. When deciding on restaurants, look up online reviews on all of the contenders. Talk with the restaurant’s special events coordinator or executive chef for menu items that have had a high rate of customer satisfaction.

Plan Your Key West Wedding with Ease: Helpful Ideas

When you become engaged, you will more than likely be extremely excited to lounge around and enjoy your engagement. This is extremely appropriate for a short amount of time, but eventually you must get off your couch and start the planning.

First things first, figure out how many people you are inviting to your wedding. This will lead to choosing the perfect Key West, Florida venue. Normally, about 30% of the people you invite will not come to your wedding. Do not worry, it is not because they don’t want to come, they may have already planned their vacation or other event they cannot cancel. This brings us to the next tip for your destination wedding: Check local black-out dates. This translates to other events or festivals that may be occurring the same weekend of your Key West wedding. The last thing you want to deal with is not having adequate hotel accommodations or venue space because it is the week of Fantasy Fest and all the best Key West restaurants are and caterers are booked solid. Also, check with local hotels to see which establishment provides the best deal with the most amenities.

Another aspect to focus upon is what ranks the highest on your priority list. If you are set on having a designer gown and expensive venue, then you may want to cut some corners on invitations or flowers. This does not mean settle for anything subpar by way of accessories, it just means you should focus the larger portion of your budget to the things that are most important to you. By staying organized and being realistic, your Key West wedding and reception will be truly unforgettable.

You Are the Star at Your Island Wedding

What makes a perfect wedding reception menu? Is it the dessert? Some would argue a great dessert can trump any other course of the meal. Others would say the main course is what needs to be the focus. Whatever you choose to serve at your reception is all up to you because it is your special day!

Your island wedding is certainly all about you. This is the bride and groom’s day to be in the spotlight all day and night long. Although you need to make most of the decisions for this special event, you certainly want to cater to your immediate friends and family in case they have any disabilities or allergies. If cousin Tommy is allergic to seafood then you probably do not want to have an all-you-can-eat crab legs buffet! If Granny Jones is in a wheelchair, you need to make sure there is a ramp where someone can push her to the reception. The smallest details may seem insignificant to you, but for everyone else they make the biggest difference.

Throughout your stay at the location where you have chosen to have your island wedding, you will have someone (or even a team of someones) to assist you in planning your special day. You may only have a few days to make these decisions, so make sure you arrive with a clear head and an eagerness to work! The sooner you make these decisions, the sooner you can pamper yourself before your big day.

Get the Best of Both Worlds With an Island Wedding

Many little girls grow up dreaming and fantasizing about their glorious wedding day. Although your style and tastes may change over the years, you will end up wanting a nice ceremony with your family and friends where you can celebrate your love for that special someone in your life.

It may seem like a really great idea to have a huge wedding ceremony when you are little, but as you mature you will realize it is only one day out of your life, and you should probably save that money for a down payment on a house or a really nice honeymoon. However, there is some common ground- a destination wedding. This type of island wedding is a great alternative to huge, local wedding ceremonies, and allows you to honeymoon immediately after your ceremony because you will already be in a tropical paradise. This also gives you the opportunity to weed out people in your family who you are obligated to invite, but do not necessarily want to attend! Since not everyone will be able to afford to attend your island wedding, you will end up having an intimate ceremony with your closest friends and family in a beautiful island paradise!

Just be sure you pack everything you need for the big day. Although you will more than likely be able to purchase the items you forget, no one can replace your wedding rings or that ‘something borrowed’ from your mother. Make many lists and check them over and over again!

Save Money By Planning an Island Wedding Somewhere Tropical

There are many magical locations that would be ideal for a beautiful wedding. Brides all over the world take lots of time and use lots of energy in planning the most perfect fairytale wedding. Some women even get their mothers involved so they can make maximum use of their time to accomplish as much as possible. However, there are many women who choose to go a simpler route by having a destination wedding. If you choose to have an island wedding, your life may become a little easier and less hectic all at once.

By having a wedding out of town, you are creating the perfect getaway for you and your future spouse all while limiting your expenses and guest list. Many people are under the assumption that island weddings are more expensive than a local wedding, but this is not necessarily true. Choosing the right resort could save you lots of money. Most resorts have wedding packages for you to choose from. They also usually involve a wedding coordinator to ensure your day runs smoothly, and that you have little to stress over. Having a little extra help planning your wedding is always a fantastic idea! Also, having your wedding where you will be honeymooning takes care of two birds with one stone.

Also, by having an island wedding you could eliminate unwanted guests or family members you are obligated to invite, but do not want to cause a scene at your wedding reception. Everyone has a few crazy relatives they love, but do not necessarily trust not to make a scene on their special day.

Island Secrets to Wedding Success

I am not engaged yet, but some television shows have made me get hooked on the idea of having a destination wedding. I can’t think of anything more romantic then having a beautiful island wedding. Not only can you have a gorgeous beach wedding, you also can have your honeymoon in the same place.

While doing research, I have found that destination weddings are becoming more and more popular. There are many places on the East Coast to consider if you are deciding to take this route. When choosing the location for your dream wedding, there are several factors to consider. The location you choose will most definitely affect who will be able to attend your wedding. Choosing an ideal location for all of the people you wish to attend may be taxing, however there are a few ways to help alleviate any issues. One way is to plan your wedding far enough in advance in order to give the people on your guest list ample time for planning. This will enable them to plan any vacation time around your wedding date, and give them plenty of time to set aside any funds they may need to attend your special day.

After you have picked your perfect place to have your wedding, you should highly consider hiring a wedding planner local to your destination. By hiring a planner, you will get the assistance you need with the knowledge and professional affiliates in the area. Hiring someone to assist you will also help in keeping your stress level to a minimum, and allow you to enjoy this special adventure as much as possible. After all, it is your day. Enjoy it!!

Planning a Reception Menu for All

So, you have decided to have a destination wedding. Most likely you have already chosen the location for your nuptials. Maybe you have even hired a wedding consultant to assist you along the way. Even if your planner is a magician, there will still be a few things that you will need to do. One of the more important of these things is planning your reception menu.

Picking an impeccable menu for you reception isn’t going to be the easiest or the quickest of tasks. After all, you are going to be feeding all of your guests. Whether you are planning a large wedding or a more personal celebration, you will need to consider what everyone will or will not eat. Not only do you want to think about personal taste, you should also be considerate of allergies and diet considerations. The best way to take these into consideration is to make sure you provide alternatives, such as vegetarian dishes, and by eliminating foods that are highly allergenic, such as peanuts.

Having a destination wedding will likely make this process even more taxing. It is important to consider the location and ask about local cuisine. By discovering what choices are readily available, it will make your selection process less extensive.

No matter what you choose, make sure to give your guests several options when you are designing your RSVP cards, and be sure to include a spot for dietary limitations. It won’t be as difficult to satisfy your guests when they have options.

A Successful Island Wedding is No Secret

If you are beginning the process of planning a romantic island wedding, you will have many considerations to think about in order to assure a successful and worry-free wedding. From location, guests, and ceremonial and reception consideration, there are several steps you should follow.

One of the very first things to consider is the location. When choosing your destination, you also may want to take into consideration the people you really wish to attend. Your location will undoubtedly affect who will and won’t be able to attend. Choosing an ideal destination will circumvent some of the restriction of travel for your guests.

After you have picked your perfect destination location, you will need to take into account how your guests will be able to attend. By planning your wedding one year in advance, your friends and loved ones will have ample notice to plan their time off, and budget for travel and other expenses.

Planning your island wedding can be extremely rewarding and yet somewhat nerve-wracking. One of the most significant decisions to make is whether or not to hire an event or wedding planner. By hiring someone to assist you with all of the details, you will have someone on location to be hands-on when you cannot. Instead of having to deal with all of the local excitement and chaos of a big wedding, wedding planners and coordinators are more prepared to deal with an out of town bride and make her special occasion flawless.

After you have considered these major items, you are ready to work on the finer details of your wedding. This is where a wedding planner comes into play. With their knowledge and accessibility for the local scene, your planner is there to coordinate contracts and iron out even the smallest details.