Class Reunion On A Tropical Island Named Key West

I’ve got a group of friends from college that have tried to stay pretty close even though we’ve all moved to various parts of the country. Social media and video chats help, but there’s nothing like spending time together, so every couple of years we try to plan a vacation together. More often than not, we end up making that vacation in Key West, Florida.

Surprisingly, it is pretty easy place to get to. Several different airlines fly there, and there is always the option of driving down from the mainland as well. There is also plenty to choose from when it comes to where to stay. The first couple of times, most of us ended up in hotels or resorts, but lately we’ve been renting out houses or condos. That way, we save a little money and have the comforts of home, including a kitchen. Of course, nobody really likes to cook (and clean) while on vacation, so thankfully there are plenty of Key West restaurants to choose from. No matter what our mood is at the time, or even if we are in different moods, there is always the perfect spot. That goes for our last night, when we have a big blowout final meal.

There is nothing like sitting around on an outdoor dining deck, watching the stars while enjoying fresh seafood, with some of your best friends in the world. At some point during the week, inevitably a few people will say, “Hey maybe next time we should go to…” but by the end of the trip, everyone agrees that the next time, we’ll be coming back to Key West.

Planning The Perfect Surprise Tropical Getaway to Key West, Florida


For our birthdays, my wife and I have agreed that, instead of exchanging presents, we each provide a surprise for the other at some point during the year. It could be a surprise party, a night on the town, a day at the spa, whatever. This year I wanted to really blow her socks off. It was a special birthday (I’m not allowed to say which one) and I wanted to take us on an island vacation.

The problem with planning a tropical trip is it’s hard to casually work “Is your passport up to date?” into a conversation. Luckily, the island I was most excited about visiting doesn’t require one. I have always wanted to visit Key West, especially after I heard about how exceptional the Key West restaurants are supposed to be. Of course, since this is a trip for her, I needed to do some research to know she would approve.

The restaurant reviews I read on Trip Advisor, Yelp and Yahoo all confirmed what I had already heard, about the great service, outdoor dining and casual elegance, which meant I could leave my suit at home. I also discovered Key West has great spas, where my wife and I could pamper ourselves with a couples massage. To her, the most important aspect of any vacation is relaxation, so I even scheduled her a second full day at the spa for a mud bath, facial, the whole works. The entire experience looks like it will be just long enough for me to sneak off for the golf course. I mean, after all, it is a vacation for both of us.