High School Reunion Done Right In Key West

I was fortunate enough to attend a supplementary high school program my last two years. It was great because it helped me focus on my studies and the small size made everybody very close. At my traditional high school graduation, I marched with almost 200 students. At my other school, there were 26 of us. With a class that small, not only are we able to keep in better touch, we can also have more fun reunions. This year it was Key West, Florida.

We schedule one every five years and we have a small list of requirements. The location has to be relatively easy to get to. With an airport of its own and a highway back to the mainland, everyone had a simple time making arrangements. There has to be plenty of places to stay and eat. Key West just opened two new resorts and remodeled another four hotels, giving them the highest number of rooms they’ve ever had, and there are over 300 Key West restaurants to choose from. Finally, it had to be a place few if any of us had visited and be a destination vacation we wouldn’t normally think of on our own.

In hindsight, what made Key West the best choice was not anything on that list, but the wide range of activities to choose from. Between all the ocean activities, the history, the arts and entertainment and the beaches, we didn’t feel the pressure to do everything together. We could all do our own thing and still get together every night for a meal to catch up. We vowed we’d never repeat a locale, but five years from now, we may have to rethink that rule.

Your Island Vacation Will Recharge Your Batteries


In order to make the most of your island vacation, first you may need some pointers as to what to bring for your stay. Of course, you need the normal things like a bathing suit, toothbrush and clothes, but there are also some other things you could bring that will come in handy over the course of your vacation week or weeks!

When you dream of your island vacation, you will be thinking of beaches and sand. There will be a lot of this, but there will also be a lot of trying new restaurants, walking around the resort and neighboring shopping areas and fancy club nights, too! You must come prepared with a full arsenal of clothing to wear throughout your vacation. Going on vacation is partially about feeling and looking your best! You are in a strange town where you probably do not know anyone at all. This is the perfect time for you to experiment with new looks and clothing. You may not get to wear some of these clothes in your everyday life so this is the chance to knock the dust off and put on those high heels!

Your island vacation will also be packed with some of the most amazing restaurants you have ever tasted before. Forget about your diet and enjoy some of the finer things in life. You deserve it! And for the sake of everyone with whom you work, they really appreciate it too! Sometimes a great vacation will recharge your batteries.