Key West Customs and Traditions: The Melting Pot

Understanding the rich traditions of Key West, Florida can be a challenging task. This region has a lot of history packed into a small space. The architecture, culinary tradition, and music is rooted in the past as much as it is stretching towards the future. One of the best ways to examine this change in a measurable sense is by looking at what some local cafes are calling the new island cuisine. What is almost universally acknowledged as the freshest and best crab cakes and best key lime pie in Florida is served up here, a reflection of how the focus on food culture in the area has allowed The Sunshine State’s most talented chefs to flourish. However, moving away from the staples, new island cuisine makes an attempt to bring the modern influences of Key West into the food culture, bringing some of its oft-ignored aspects into the light. This includes Mediterranean influences, as well as the more traditional Cuban influences Floridian cuisine is expected to acknowledge. It is because of this incredibly prosperous food industry and culture, combined with the warm weather, beaches and sunshine, that Florida has become one of the most sought after destination wedding locations in the entire world.

The Keys, especially, are a melting pot of different ideas, recipes, people, entertainment and music, making it an incredible location for banquets, vacations, and island weddings, appealing to people from all different walks of life. With an influx of tourists all year round, this is a thriving and constantly changing place, full of excitement and history in the making.

Planning Your Key West Wedding Reception in Key West, Florida

Is it any wonder people hire wedding planners? The whole process is huge, complex and, frankly, stressful. However, it is not a futile challenge if you approach it on your own. With a little bravery and a lot of research, you can achieve the destination wedding you have in mind in sunny Key West, Florida without a wedding planner. There are a few general guidelines, tips and tricks to keep in mind that can help you flesh out your booking decisions. For example, restaurant review websites like Urban Spoon can help you suss out the cafe that serves the best crab cakes or best key lime pie on the island (though, this may involve some taste testing as well!), helping you narrow down where it is you will be booking a banquet room or outside catering. Similar sites exist when you are looking to book entertainment. Musicians, live bands and DJs all not only have personal listings and sites, but can be reviewed online as well.

Your island wedding already has a lot going for it if you plan to host in in Florida. The weather and new island cuisine are both huge draws to the region. A final tip to carry with you is this: Let this atmosphere work for you. No matter what theme you want your wedding to embody, there is a way to play with it in the context of tropicality…emphasizing sunshine and beautiful local flowers and plant life. Keeping this in mind can help you take full advantage of the context of your destination wedding. Good luck!

Choosing the Perfect Reception Menu for Your Key West, Florida Wedding

When it comes to planning a wedding, there are so many things to consider. There is so much planning that one person alone may become overwhelmed at the thought of seeing to all of these minor details. Some aspects of the process are very enjoyable (like finding your wedding dress), but other aspects can seem like a nightmare. This is why many couples choose to have a destination wedding in a lovely town like Key West, Florida.

A wedding in this tropical location is ideal because you are visiting one of the most beautiful places on earth while still remaining in the United States. When it comes time to plan your reception menu, there are a few things you should remember. The goal is to provide delicious food that everyone can enjoy- even the bride and groom! However, catering to such a variety of people makes it difficult to please everyone. This is not always easy. If you know of any allergies people have (like seafood, gluten or peanuts), make sure you try to give these people options. This way they will at least get to enjoy some of the dishes you will be serving at your gorgeous Key West, Florida wedding. Although you will not be able to please everyone, you can certainly try to give people options so they can better enjoy the food. This way everyone will remember your wedding as a fun event where the food was delicious as the music was happening.

Plan the Perfect Menu at Your Island Wedding Reception

When it comes to pleasing the masses at your island wedding, you must realize sometimes it is not possible for everyone to be happy all at once. One person may love the music playing while the other is scrambling to find ear plugs. One person may rave about the food while another cannot eat because he or she is allergic. Although it is important to try your best to accommodate your lovely guests, at the end of the day it is your wedding, and you should do whatever you want!

Your wedding reception at your island wedding should be a happy and celebratory time for you to mingle with friends and family members as husband and wife. This time is all about you. However, you still want to make your friends and family feel special. They did come to your wedding and expect to be fed and entertained. Choosing the perfect menu for your reception can be a little tricky, but with a little planning and research, there should be no reason you can’t figure it out.

Some couples like to give their guests options. If you are planning a sit down meal for your guests, then the RSVP you include in the invitation should contain a space for them to choose between fish or chicken or whatever you are serving. This will allow the guests at your island wedding to feel like the couple is going out of their way to make sure you have an enjoyable experience, and get a dish they actually want to eat.

Choosing The Right Meal For Your Wedding Reception in Key West, Florida

The toughest part about planning a wedding is that, not only are there a million decisions to make, but in the middle of that, instead of just thinking about you and your spouse, you have to make decisions for one hundred or so people. I’m talking about picking the menu for your wedding reception. Island weddings offer their own unique twists on those constraints, but luckily, if Key West, Florida is the island you have chosen, the Key West restaurants have more options than you could ever imagine, and they will help turn what too often feels like a banquet into a party.

First of all, think light. People don’t eat a lot when they are warm, so instead of planning a big sit down event with heavy steaks and pastas, look to creating appetizer stations that offer a variety of choices without being too much or too overwhelming.

Another trick is to prepare to be a little flexible. Being one hundred fifty miles down the road from Miami, sometime supplies get delayed. The chefs and wedding coordinators are used to this and always have contingency plans. The flip side to that is, with the seafood being caught fresh every day, you may at the last minute get something much more exotic than you imagined.

Finally, skip the big cake and go straight for the best key lime pie ever. Your guests will appreciate this extra little touch of what is making their island vacation special, and it helps to connect your island wedding to your destination of choice. By remembering these three simple suggestions, you’ll truly appreciate how perfect Key West, Florida is for your wedding.

Create a Great Menu

One of the best things about being invited to a wedding will undoubtedly be the food and the wedding cake. From the hors d’oeuvres to the main course, some of the most delectable dishes can be had at receptions. What you serve will leave a lasting memory with the guests you invite to celebrate your day with you.

If you are planning your wedding reception, the food and cake are two of the most important items to plan. With many tastings and various interviews, this also can be the most enjoyable part of your planning. As you are deciding on your menu and cake for your reception, be sure to take your time in the decision-making process, and enjoy this time as much as you can. Remember that the initial reaction you have tasting for the first time will be your guests’ reaction as they enjoy the menu you provide for them.

As you finalize your menu you should also be sure to keep in mind that you will likely have dietary restrictions for some of your guests. Whether they be medical restrictions or lifestyle preferences, it is always good practice to provide your guest with a few options. With a few additions like vegetarian or gluten-free dishes, you can easily cover everyone’s dietary concerns. Also, by making sure that you have peanut free foods, you can avoid one of the worst dietary allergies. One other consideration you should have for your guests is to have kosher food available for religious reasons.

How To Pick the Perfect Reception Menu

When you are putting together your wedding reception plans, every single detail counts. Entertainment, location, and atmosphere are all key elements to event planning. However, one of the most important things that you end up looking at is the catering services. There are many different factors that go into choosing the food you will be serving at your reception. It helps if you know which guests have special dietary needs, so that you can provide an option for them. There are more and more people these days coming forward with dietary concerns, which include, but aren’t limited to, lactose intolerance, gluten allergies, and an inability to consume meat. Since so many of these health conditions have dietary overlap, knowing whether you need to provide a vegan and gluten-free meal option is key. If you are having a destination wedding in an island location, you may also be considering crab cakes and other types of seafood. Island weddings are particularly appealing for that very fact. However, seafood is one of the types of food people are often allergic to, and are another reason why you should provide a vegan option in your fine dining service. Veggie salads with dressing on the side are a great option, and are almost universally edible. Keeping these factors in mind will help you determine the perfect dinner menu for you and your guests, allowing them to enjoy the casual elegance of your ceremony on a full stomach and with a satisfied palate.

Key West: The Hottest Destination for Destination Weddings

Have a destination wedding is a popular trend that makes a lot of sense. After all, what could be better than spending the most important day of your life in a beautiful location? Key West, Florida is one of the most sought after locations for island weddings. With the local seafood – including locally harvested crab cakes – and Key West restaurants that serve the best key lime pie, it’s no wonder so many weddings, banquets and other types of meetings are catered by these restaurants and hosted on this island. The casual elegance of your wedding reception can be ensured by scoping out places beforehand. Restaurant reviews on the web – like those found on Urban Spoon – are especially helpful in these matters, since the perspective they offer is specific to diners, and not promoted by the companies themselves. This lack of bias allows you, the readers, to get honest opinions from trustworthy sources. Once you’ve sorted out your catering, venue and all of the other details, you can start enjoying the beauty of sunny Key West, Florida. Considering the many Key West restaurants that offer outdoor dining or patio dining options, there should be no shortage of outdoor enjoyment at your destination wedding reception.. Don’t miss soaking up the Key West atmosphere on your big day. The only thing that could make such a special ritual better is a beautiful location to enjoy it in. Settle for nothing less than stunning on your wedding day with Key West, Florida.

You Are the Star at Your Island Wedding

What makes a perfect wedding reception menu? Is it the dessert? Some would argue a great dessert can trump any other course of the meal. Others would say the main course is what needs to be the focus. Whatever you choose to serve at your reception is all up to you because it is your special day!

Your island wedding is certainly all about you. This is the bride and groom’s day to be in the spotlight all day and night long. Although you need to make most of the decisions for this special event, you certainly want to cater to your immediate friends and family in case they have any disabilities or allergies. If cousin Tommy is allergic to seafood then you probably do not want to have an all-you-can-eat crab legs buffet! If Granny Jones is in a wheelchair, you need to make sure there is a ramp where someone can push her to the reception. The smallest details may seem insignificant to you, but for everyone else they make the biggest difference.

Throughout your stay at the location where you have chosen to have your island wedding, you will have someone (or even a team of someones) to assist you in planning your special day. You may only have a few days to make these decisions, so make sure you arrive with a clear head and an eagerness to work! The sooner you make these decisions, the sooner you can pamper yourself before your big day.