Traditions and Culture of Key West, Florida

A lot of people are surprised when they arrive in Key West, Florida. They come for the beautiful sunny weather, the stunning ocean views and fresh seafood, and are pleasantly impressed at the depths of history and tradition that can be found on our island. From our burgeoning new island cuisine and fine dining culture, to the incredible awe-inspiring stories of our architecture and history, Key West has a lot more to offer than just sand and water – beautiful as our beaches and boardwalks may be.

One of the most tangible and immediate ways to experience Key West culture is to dine. Engage in lots and lots of fine dining. Outdoor dining, patio dining, kicking back in banquet rooms and laying low in beautiful dining rooms that define casual elegance. New island cuisine is in the process of become popularized. Some of our local establishments are attempting to showcase just how much of a diverse melting pot our island really is, preparing some of the best crab cakes and best key lime pie on the island, all with a slight twist from another culture you might not expect to have had contact with in Key West, Florida. Things like Mediterranean influences, among others, are beginning to make their way into our regional palate. We invite you to come take a food tour of the area on your next visit and really experience one of the most exciting and constantly changing parts of Key West culture.

Get Ready For Your Island Wedding

Are you thinking about running away to have a gorgeous island wedding? Destination weddings are becoming very popular because people are waiting longer to get married. If you are in your thirties, then you may not want to plan a huge wedding in your hometown. Also, if you are on your second marriage, you may not want to plan anything elaborate for your second time around. It all depends on what you want to do. If you do not care what others think and have the money for a bigger second wedding, then go for it! If you do not want to make a big deal out of your second wedding, then by all means, run away and have a blast in a tropical paradise!

If you are hell bent on planning the perfect island wedding, then make sure you follow these words of wisdom: Have a backup plan in a case your luggage does not make it to your destination. A carry-on bag is always a great idea with a change of clothes and toiletry essentials. Also, what are you going to do if it rains? Your resort may have a backup plan in mind, but make sure you agree with it! After all, this is your special day and you should have some input as to what goes on.

Your island wedding will certainly be a very enjoyable time for your closest friends and family to gather together and have a great time celebrating.


Planning Key in Key West Wedding Receptions

When planning the perfect Key West, Florida wedding or wedding reception there are a lot of unique challenges that will need to be confronted, researched and met head on to make sure everything goes the way you intend it. The region itself has a lot of strengths that make it one of the most popular island wedding and destination wedding locations in the world. With all that warm sunshine and all those ocean activities, it’s not hard to see why so many people find themselves enjoying the beauty of the Keys all seasons of the year. However, the excellent new island cuisine being cultivated by some of the regional restaurants is becoming an additional draw.

Restaurant review websites like Urban Spoon have become archives of customer reviews. It wouldn’t be unlikely to find dozens of reviews where individuals are in search of the best key lime pie and the best crab cakes, and you could benefit from their research! When looking to book your event, the menu and location is always key. You may want to keep in mind whether you are looking primarily for banquet rooms, outdoor dining or patio dining services for you and your guests. Once you find the perfect place to book and cater, the entire process starts to really fit together – entertainment, decorations, etc. – so make sure you don’t settle when you can select. There are a countless number of wonderful, diverse and professional fine dining establishments in Key West, Florida that would be glad to serve you.