Plan Your Exciting Vacation to Key West, Florida

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When you are vacationing on an island, you may not realize some things that are apparent to the locals. For example, you will not know where to go to get the cheapest suntan lotion because you left yours at home. Also, you will not know where the best places are to eat. Heaven forbid this place does not have WiFi, because then how would you access Yelp to help you find everything you need? Lucky for you, Key West, Florida has everything you could possibly dream of when it comes to an island paradise, but also all of the luxuries you are used to having on land farther inland. You will essentially have the best of both worlds when you visit this gorgeous city right next door to the Caribbean.

Key West, Florida has many options for activities during your visit. Of course, you can choose to sit on the beach and do absolutely nothing, but just in case that becomes boring, you can also choose to go on a glass bottom boat tour, go deep sea fishing for huge trophy fish, snorkel with the indigenous fish of the area, scuba dive with professionals and visit a national park to observe wildlife.

The night life in Key West, Florida is filled with all kinds of entertainment for every age group. The Sunset Celebration happens every night and is conveniently located in the center of town. There are also plenty of bars and clubs along the “strip” for you to visit and dance the night away.

Plan Your Destination Vacation to Sunny Key West, Florida

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Many people these days save all year long in order to plan a beautiful and luxurious destination vacation to a tropical paradise such as Key West, Florida. This lovely beach community is about as close as you can get to being in the Caribbean without having to have a passport for your vacation. Since the cost of a vacation can add up quickly, you will certainly want to cut costs wherever possible. This also means you should pack accordingly. If you are traveling by air, you will need to fit as much as possible in the luggage you are checking and the luggage you are carrying on the plane. Many people forget to budget space for items they plan on bringing back from their vacation as well. Some people choose to mail things back to their homes, which is a great idea, but could result in shipping charges depending on what you are sending and where.

Key West, Florida has great entertainment all over the island. Whether you want some relaxing time on the beach soaking up rays or getting a massage, or you want to be offshore catching trophy fish to show off to your friends, there is always something to do in this gorgeous city. Just make sure you pack enough sunscreen to protect your skin during these adventures. No one wants to get a sunburn or sun poisoning their very first day in paradise. This would certainly ruin your trip to lovely Key West, Florida. Be smart and have a great time not having to wake up for work every morning.

Planning Key in Key West Wedding Receptions

When planning the perfect Key West, Florida wedding or wedding reception there are a lot of unique challenges that will need to be confronted, researched and met head on to make sure everything goes the way you intend it. The region itself has a lot of strengths that make it one of the most popular island wedding and destination wedding locations in the world. With all that warm sunshine and all those ocean activities, it’s not hard to see why so many people find themselves enjoying the beauty of the Keys all seasons of the year. However, the excellent new island cuisine being cultivated by some of the regional restaurants is becoming an additional draw.

Restaurant review websites like Urban Spoon have become archives of customer reviews. It wouldn’t be unlikely to find dozens of reviews where individuals are in search of the best key lime pie and the best crab cakes, and you could benefit from their research! When looking to book your event, the menu and location is always key. You may want to keep in mind whether you are looking primarily for banquet rooms, outdoor dining or patio dining services for you and your guests. Once you find the perfect place to book and cater, the entire process starts to really fit together – entertainment, decorations, etc. – so make sure you don’t settle when you can select. There are a countless number of wonderful, diverse and professional fine dining establishments in Key West, Florida that would be glad to serve you.


Make Sure Your Key West Wedding Goes According to Plan

If you have been researching locations in the United States to host your destination wedding, chances are you have already stumbled upon lots of reasons why the beautiful Key West, Florida area would be perfect for it. Island weddings are a trend that has only become more popular over the past twenty years, and Key West has been no exception. Thousands of people pour into the region every year for wedding receptions, world class entertainment, some of the famous new island cuisine the local cafes are crafting, and, of course, for the enjoyment of the sunshine and ocean. With so much business constantly cycling into the region, we have assembled hosts of professional, highly sought after fine dining establishments that are sure to be able to keep up with your outside catering demands. Many of these restaurants will also offer banquet rooms for your reception, should you decide to host and cater in the same place.

Lastly, don’t forget to keep an eye out on restaurant review sites like Urban Spoon. Again, the benefit here is that there are dozens of people going to these cafes and restaurants every day, so your chances of finding honest customer experiences and ratings is higher than it would be if you were booking a place in, say, a small town. So go on – shop for the menu that offers the best crab cakes and best key lime pie on the island – and remember that a little bit of research goes a long way.