Traditions and Culture of Key West, Florida

A lot of people are surprised when they arrive in Key West, Florida. They come for the beautiful sunny weather, the stunning ocean views and fresh seafood, and are pleasantly impressed at the depths of history and tradition that can be found on our island. From our burgeoning new island cuisine and fine dining culture, to the incredible awe-inspiring stories of our architecture and history, Key West has a lot more to offer than just sand and water – beautiful as our beaches and boardwalks may be.

One of the most tangible and immediate ways to experience Key West culture is to dine. Engage in lots and lots of fine dining. Outdoor dining, patio dining, kicking back in banquet rooms and laying low in beautiful dining rooms that define casual elegance. New island cuisine is in the process of become popularized. Some of our local establishments are attempting to showcase just how much of a diverse melting pot our island really is, preparing some of the best crab cakes and best key lime pie on the island, all with a slight twist from another culture you might not expect to have had contact with in Key West, Florida. Things like Mediterranean influences, among others, are beginning to make their way into our regional palate. We invite you to come take a food tour of the area on your next visit and really experience one of the most exciting and constantly changing parts of Key West culture.