Plan Your Holiday Wedding in Wonderful Key West, Florida

Key West Holiday Wedding

If you are planning a wedding for this fall, then you are certainly aware of all of the perks involved in a holiday themed wedding. Your life will be much easier and your friends and family members will thank you for having your wedding during a time they would have had to travel anyway. A holiday wedding just may be the most perfect time for you to gather your friends and family members together.

 Key West, Florida is the perfect place for you and your family to gather during the holiday season. You can spend your days shopping downtown and lying on the beach and your nights will be filled with wonderful dining options and a wedding at the end of the week! If your wedding is around Christmas, then you can certainly count on everywhere being decorated beautifully. There is just something magical about having Christmas lights and fake snow everywhere that brings a smile to anyone’s face! If you have children, they will certainly love this, as well.

 Key West, Florida’s weather year round is also great. You will not have to worry about getting all bundled up in order to take one step outside. Instead, you could very well be spending your days poolside or oceanside! The warm breeze coming from the Gulf of Mexico will serve you well and also relax you as your wedding day approaches. You owe it to your friends and family to give them a wedding they will never forget and this is the perfect way to do just that.

The Secret To A Great Island Wedding Reception in Key West, Florida

Island Wedding Reeption

Planning a wedding reception is like buying a car. You may know exactly what you think you want, but you probably don’t know the best way to go about getting it. It takes a certain amount of trust and believing that the person you are working with is going to help you make the best decision. The difference is you probably haven’t spent a fair amount of time picturing the day you buy a car, surrounded by family and friends, wearing a beautiful dress and committing to spending the rest of your life with that car. Sometimes it can be tough letting go of some of the decision making when it comes to planning a wedding reception, but it might be the best thing for you, especially if yours happens to be a destination wedding in Key West.

 It’s the little things that are going to make your wedding and reception the memorable event that you want it to be, and those little things are going to be best handled by the professionals. Key West hosts over 1,000 island weddings a year, which means the Key West restaurants know how to make the perfect wedding reception. Obviously, they know this is your event and will work with you to make it perfect, but remember that this is (hopefully) the first wedding reception you’ve planned. Much like when you bought your first new car, the people selling it to you had plenty of experience, so is it with the planning of your island wedding reception. They want to make it just as special as you do, and they know just how to do that.

Making The Most Of A Key West Wedding

Organizing a wedding

You might think, because you are planning an island wedding, that none of the stress most people talk about leading up to their nuptials will affect you. You’ll be wrong. Planning a wedding is the same whether you’re doing it in your own back yard or on the island of Key West. The trick is to know that going into it and prepare for it. If you just think the tropical breeze is going to blow all of your cares away, you are in for a rude awakening. It’s an easy thing to fix, however. The obvious solution is to work with a wedding planner based in Key West. They will make sure that everything, from your ceremony to your wedding reception, goes off just how you planned. The other thing that you should do may not seem so obvious, or even possible, but it’s the reason that you chose Key West in the first place.

 Make sure that every day leading up to your wedding you do something just for the two of you. Make reservations at one of the many Key West restaurants and have a nice meal. Schedule a couples massage and let them knead away your stress. You may think that you have to be planning 24/7, but trust me, you can afford to take an hour or so a day just to walk away from it all and treat yourself right. By doing these little things, the same things you probably did on your first island vacation together, you will be ready and refreshed to make sure your wedding is perfect.

The Best Choice For Your Key West Wedding Reception

Destination Vacatio Beachside

If you are planning a destination wedding in Key West, obviously you are going to want to make choices with the menu that reflects where you are. Key West is known for their fresh seafood and tropical fruits and flavors so don’t be shy about including those as options for your guests. While not everyone may be as adventurous as you (and all of the good Key West restaurants that you talk to about hosting your reception will know this and have some more traditional options as well), many of your guests will appreciate the opportunity to fully embrace the island culture. Keep in mind, however, that what you eat isn’t the only important consideration. You should also look at how you eat.

 Part of the idea behind having an island wedding is for the ceremony and reception to be a little more laid back and casual. There are some people who make sure their reception is a fine dining affair, but most people prefer to keep it less formal. Instead of creating a traditional dining scenario, many couples instead like to offer a continual serving of smaller, lighter dishes. This lets people relax a little more and enjoy themselves. Keep in mind, too, that Key West is pretty warm all year round, and nobody likes to have a heavy meal in the heat. By going a less traditional route with your wedding reception menu, both in what you serve and how you serve it, you can be sure to create an event that will have people buzzing for months to come.

Let The Experts Arrange The Wedding Of A Lifetime In Key West, Florida

dining room 2

I like to think that I know a lot and can do a lot. Probably the most important thing I do know, however, is when not to do something and let someone who knows better do it. This is why I don’t fix my own car or diagnose my own illnesses, and this is why you should let the professional wedding planners of Key West plan your island wedding. It takes the stress off of you and your spouse-to-be, and it helps guarantee that it will be a successful event.

Do you know that every year hundreds of couples get married in Key West? That means there are plenty of people down there who know what it takes when it comes to island weddings. They will work with you to find the perfect locations, whether you are looking for a sunset ceremony on the beach or a quiet affair in a historic fort. They can even help you get married in the air (parasailing) or underwater! Of course, the ceremony is only a small part of a Key West wedding. There are plenty of options for the reception. Imagine an outdoor event, under the stars, with live entertainment in a setting of casual elegance. With so many Key West restaurants to choose from, you can arrange for the perfect atmosphere.

Your wedding day should be a celebration and not a stress, so know that the smart thing to do is turn it over to the professionals so you and your guests can do what you came to Key West to do; enjoy your destination wedding.