Returning To A Tropical Wedding Paradise In Key West

My kid sister got married last year. Her and her husband wanted to have a tropical island wedding and they wanted as many people to come as possible. That means they needed to find ways to save money and make it affordable, so they settled on Key West during the summer. I love Key West and I knew that it was a great spot, but I wasn’t so sure about the summer. Still, it’s my kid sister and I wasn’t going to disappoint her.

It ended up being a spectacular vacation all the way around. The wedding itself was everything she hoped for: beautiful ceremony on the beach and a reception on a gorgeous outdoor dining deck with fantastic fresh seafood and a super fun DJ. What was more surprising was how cool the rest of the trip was, and I mean that in every way possible.  It wasn’t as hot or as humid as I thought it would be, there were so many things to do when we weren’t involved in the wedding, and I got a chance to hang out with some of the locals.

They took me to some of the great off-the-beaten-path Key West restaurants and bars and even hooked me and my boys up with a fishing charter. We had such a great time that a few of us have plans to go back this summer as well. If it’s going to be just as hot in South Boston as it is in the southernmost city, you better believe I’m coming back.

The Best Choice For Your Key West Wedding Reception

Destination Vacatio Beachside

If you are planning a destination wedding in Key West, obviously you are going to want to make choices with the menu that reflects where you are. Key West is known for their fresh seafood and tropical fruits and flavors so don’t be shy about including those as options for your guests. While not everyone may be as adventurous as you (and all of the good Key West restaurants that you talk to about hosting your reception will know this and have some more traditional options as well), many of your guests will appreciate the opportunity to fully embrace the island culture. Keep in mind, however, that what you eat isn’t the only important consideration. You should also look at how you eat.

 Part of the idea behind having an island wedding is for the ceremony and reception to be a little more laid back and casual. There are some people who make sure their reception is a fine dining affair, but most people prefer to keep it less formal. Instead of creating a traditional dining scenario, many couples instead like to offer a continual serving of smaller, lighter dishes. This lets people relax a little more and enjoy themselves. Keep in mind, too, that Key West is pretty warm all year round, and nobody likes to have a heavy meal in the heat. By going a less traditional route with your wedding reception menu, both in what you serve and how you serve it, you can be sure to create an event that will have people buzzing for months to come.