The Surprises From A Key West Wedding

My niece decided to have a destination wedding in Key West, Florida. My wife and I were invited but were on the fence about going. We wanted to be there, but we both work full-time and getting time off might be a challenge. Plus, we both thought that maybe we were too old to go there. It seemed to us to be a younger person’s island. But we love our niece so we decided to look into it.

The first surprise was finding a flight that got us directly into Key West and only involved us taking two vacation days. The second surprise was discovering the number of quirky little inns to choose from. Based on the recommendations and reviews we read online, we chose one that was close to where everything would be happening but far enough away that it would be quiet at night (the third surprise was actually getting there and discovering that the reviews were true. The place was beautiful, relaxing, and, yes, quiet).

Since we had had so much luck trusting anonymous reviews for where to stay, we decided to try our luck again when it came to the Key West restaurants. We went online and found several places that had received great recommendations, so we checked them out. We were blown away by not only how amazing the food was, but also the level of service and the beauty of the outdoor dining.

We had such a great time that after the reception was over and some of the younger people were going out, we decided to join them. We may not have stayed up as late as they did, but we discovered Key West is perfect for just about everyone.

A Long Romantic Key West Weekend


Just like every year, I didn’t know what to get my husband for Valentine’s Day. There aren’t many gifts that scream “Romance” for a guy, and he can only own so many bottles of aftershave before it gets to be too much. So this year I decided to do something different. I gave us a gift: a romantic long weekend in Key West.

I gave it to him a day early, and we left for the airport first thing Friday morning. By 2pm, we were sitting at a waterfront bar, listening to live music and enjoying shrimp that had been swimming less than 24 hours earlier. The next day we were swimming in the same water, snorkeling on the reef and seeing some of the most beautiful fish I could imagine.

I scheduled us for a morning trip so we would have time to relax by the pool with a nap in the sun before joining the crowds to help celebrate the sunset. The best was we immediately afterwards found one of the amazing Key West restaurants I had been reading about. Sitting under the stars on a beautiful outdoor dining deck, we experienced what they call New Island Cuisine. Simply put, it was some of the best food we had ever eaten.

On the flight back home, I was already worried about what I could do next year for Valentine’s Day to possibly top it. Right before our plane took off, however, he turned to me and said, “Next year, we need to plan ahead and spend a week in Key West.” Looks like my gift is already in the bag.

Planning The Perfect Surprise Tropical Getaway to Key West, Florida


For our birthdays, my wife and I have agreed that, instead of exchanging presents, we each provide a surprise for the other at some point during the year. It could be a surprise party, a night on the town, a day at the spa, whatever. This year I wanted to really blow her socks off. It was a special birthday (I’m not allowed to say which one) and I wanted to take us on an island vacation.

The problem with planning a tropical trip is it’s hard to casually work “Is your passport up to date?” into a conversation. Luckily, the island I was most excited about visiting doesn’t require one. I have always wanted to visit Key West, especially after I heard about how exceptional the Key West restaurants are supposed to be. Of course, since this is a trip for her, I needed to do some research to know she would approve.

The restaurant reviews I read on Trip Advisor, Yelp and Yahoo all confirmed what I had already heard, about the great service, outdoor dining and casual elegance, which meant I could leave my suit at home. I also discovered Key West has great spas, where my wife and I could pamper ourselves with a couples massage. To her, the most important aspect of any vacation is relaxation, so I even scheduled her a second full day at the spa for a mud bath, facial, the whole works. The entire experience looks like it will be just long enough for me to sneak off for the golf course. I mean, after all, it is a vacation for both of us.

Traveling To The Tropics With The Family


My son is at that age where he knows everything and anything that he has to do with his family isn’t going to be cool enough. It’s hard to imagine that a 13 year old would be upset about taking a vacation, but when he found out we were going to Key West, he just rolled his eyes. Luckily, I know more about what Key West had to offer than he did.

The first day we were there, we went on an all-day water adventure that included snorkeling, kayaking and a trip around the island on jet skis. He quickly forgot to act cool and started telling me how cool it all was. The highlight was the look on his face after he came down from parasailing.

Once I knew I had him hooked on how much fun Key West was going to be, I knew we were free to do everything else, including visiting museums, spending time at the beach and enjoying some great meals at the amazing Key West restaurants. He got a chance to pet a shark, hold a real gold bar and watch a cat jump through a hoop, all on the same day.

My co-workers thought I was crazy to try to take a teenager on any vacation, much less one to a place that didn’t come with an amusement park attached. I think the only problem that I ran into by taking the family to Key West is now he won’t shut up asking when we can go back. My son wants to spend more time with his family? I’m okay with a problem like that.

Plan Your destination Vacation For Key West, Florida

These days, people do not just hop in their cars and drive to the next city over for their vacations. It is very common for people to take elaborate destination vacations. This is completely understandable because many people would love to see the world and experience other cultures when they are young. Once you reach a certain age, you just want to stay in the comfort of your own home instead of traveling all over the world. For most people, traveling outside of the country means you will need a passport. This process is a very long one and you could end up missing your flight because your passport has not arrived! Lucky for you, traveling to Key West, Florida is like leaving the country, but you will not have to get your passport. This wonderful city is still within the United States so you will not have to worry about traveling to a foreign country where you could possibly be in danger because you are not familiar with their laws.

 Traveling can be as safe or as dangerous as you allow it to be. There is no such thing as doing too much research when it comes to traveling anywhere you have never been. The internet makes it so easy for you to read about other people’s experiences in various cities. There are plenty of websites that can inform you exactly how Key West, Florida is and what you can expect while you are visiting this lovely island paradise.

Have Your Second Holiday Wedding in Key West, Florida

Island Holiday Wedding

When it comes to your holiday wedding reception, you may find it a little bit difficult to choose the perfect combination of foods for your wonderful guests. Of course, you want to serve some food that you both enjoy, but you also want to make sure your friends and family members have some great options from which to choose. If there are allergies in your family, then you need to let your caterer know so no one gets sick on the night of your wedding!

 Key West, Florida is a great place to have your holiday wedding. Not only will you be able to enjoy the gorgeous views of the ocean as you are saying “I do,” you will also be able to venture outside without having to purchase an entire wardrobe dedicated to keeping you warm. The south is such a wonderful place to visit during the colder months. There is just something magical about getting married on the beach when it is not 100 degrees outside that most people find very appealing.

 If you are getting married for the second time (which is totally understandable these days) then a destination wedding could be the perfect option for you and your honey. Since you probably do not want to spend a lot of money on the ceremony and would rather have a very nice vacation, then this could definitely be the best fit. You will get to be in tropical Key West, Florida and you will also get to invite your family and friends on a great vacation in celebration of your wedding!

Plan Your Vacation When it is Not 100 Degrees in Key West, Florida

Island Holiday

When you plan a typical vacation to a tropical island, you are probably thinking of it being summertime when it is hotter than ever. This is what most people do, but it does not mean you have to plan your vacation when everyone else is planning theirs. The fall is a wonderful time of year to visit Key West, Florida. Here, you can sip on a sweet island drink while staring off into the blue waters of the ocean. In this island paradise, you will be surrounded by water on all sides!

 Your vacation should certainly include the normal stuff you plan to take for a summer vacation. You will need your bathing suit, some sunblock and a positive attitude. Just because it is not 100 degrees outside does not mean you will not get sunburned! No one wants to be sunburned on their vacation. November is a great time of year to visit Key West, Florida since it is significantly cooler than the hot summer days, but also not even close to being cold enough to stay inside all bundled up next to a fire. You can have the best of both worlds, though, because at night, the temperature will drop a little bit and give you that holiday feel you have been looking for. If you are from up north, you may even want to swim in the ocean and lie on the beach during the day. Plan your trip around Thanksgiving and you can find a local restaurant to do the cooking for you!

Plan Your Holiday Vacation to Key West, Florida

Happy family of four in Santa Hat on summer vacation

Planning a vacation can be quite the task, especially if there are children involved. Not only will you have to see about packing all of their clothes for them, you will also have to travel with them. Anyone who has traveled with kids realizes this can be quite the task! A simple trip right down the road can turn into an hour long adventure when you have a couple of kids who need to go to the bathroom and get a little stir crazy all cramped up in a car. However, there is a solution to the madness.

 Taking a family trip to Key West, Florida may mean having a very long traveling experience, either by plane or car, but once you get there, it will certainly be worth it! The holiday season is a wonderful time to take your little ones down south because Christmas and Thanksgiving are so much different when it is not freezing cold outside. They will be able to enjoy themselves outside without bundling up and staying near a fire. It is very possible it will even be warm enough to enjoy the beach in Key West, Florida. The warm weather always puts everyone in such a great mood so you can be sure your children will enjoy a visit from Santa wearing his swimming trunks! There are also so many family friendly restaurants in this cozy beach town. There is no bustle of the big city life so you can feel comfortable and at ease.

Plan Your Holiday Wedding in Wonderful Key West, Florida

Key West Holiday Wedding

If you are planning a wedding for this fall, then you are certainly aware of all of the perks involved in a holiday themed wedding. Your life will be much easier and your friends and family members will thank you for having your wedding during a time they would have had to travel anyway. A holiday wedding just may be the most perfect time for you to gather your friends and family members together.

 Key West, Florida is the perfect place for you and your family to gather during the holiday season. You can spend your days shopping downtown and lying on the beach and your nights will be filled with wonderful dining options and a wedding at the end of the week! If your wedding is around Christmas, then you can certainly count on everywhere being decorated beautifully. There is just something magical about having Christmas lights and fake snow everywhere that brings a smile to anyone’s face! If you have children, they will certainly love this, as well.

 Key West, Florida’s weather year round is also great. You will not have to worry about getting all bundled up in order to take one step outside. Instead, you could very well be spending your days poolside or oceanside! The warm breeze coming from the Gulf of Mexico will serve you well and also relax you as your wedding day approaches. You owe it to your friends and family to give them a wedding they will never forget and this is the perfect way to do just that.

Key West, Florida: Plan Your Vacation Today

 fun at tropical beach

Everyone wants to go on vacation. There is nothing wrong with wanting to get away from your everyday, mundane life and mix it up a little. These vacations should involve lots of entertainment and loads of fun for everyone involved. You may want to take your family on one of these vacations, but you also may want it to be just yourself and your spouse. Whatever you decide, it will certainly be a vacation to remember forever, especially if you choose lovely Key West, Florida as your vacation destination.

 Southern Florida is known for its blue waters, sandy beaches and relaxed atmosphere. These island communities are as laid back as they come and are the perfect place for you to escape from your everyday life for a week or so. Key West, Florida is especially known for its night life and exciting restaurants. Just about anything you want to do is within walking distance and there is a new adventure waiting around every single corner. If you want a perfect combination of a relaxed vacation and an exciting one, this is certainly the place you should go.

Make sure you go online and research this place a little first. You will want to know exactly where to go and what to do. If you know someone who lives there, you should definitely pick their brain and ask them everything you want to! They may have some insider knowledge that could make your vacation even better than you could have ever imagined.