Planning a Decadent Reception Menu For Your Island Wedding

When it comes time to get down to the little details of your island wedding, you will be anxious and ready to get things done and check them off of your list. By this time, you have probably already dedicated a little time to the planning process, but now you are ready to get really involved and see to those fine details that will make everything run smoothly.

When it comes to the menu at your reception, you will have even more detailed decisions to make. This is a time when you want to be conscious of your guests’ allergies, but not go overboard trying to accommodate your crazy cousin Christy who has self-diagnosed herself as having a gluten allergy. Your island wedding is for you to tie the knot, not your guests controlling what they interpret as a vacation with a wedding thrown in on the side! Of course, you want to be courteous to your guests by giving them options when it comes to the food, but you definitely need to make it mostly about you, your tastes and your favorite dishes. Just because one person does not really care for mushrooms does not mean nothing can contain mushrooms. A great solution could be to label anything that contains a food people are typically allergic to or greatly dislike like nuts, seafood, onions, garlic, gluten or salt. This will allow you to come off as being considerate and also give your guests some variety on the menu. They will love you just a little bit more when they get back from your island wedding.

Explore, Relax and Enjoy Yourself During Your Island Vacation

When you grow up and exit the years in your twenties, your priorities shift just a little bit. You may have children now or you could be just entering the adult portion of your life and want to act accordingly. Instead of planning island vacations around booze and late night partying, you will probably choose a more historical site where you can relax, learn about a different culture and participate in some interesting, foreign activities.

As you quickly make the transition to your adult years, you will also become more intrigued with fine dining and even outdoor dining when you are on vacation. Sometimes being outside will be a more quiet dining experience than hearing all of the people all around you in a crowded restaurant. Many things change as you get older…this is merely one!

Your island vacation should also be planned around the presence (or lack thereof) of children. There is a special breed of people who take their children on vacation. Not too many people want to hear a screaming baby when they are trying to soak up some rays on a quiet beach. However, they paid their money, too, so you cannot argue. However, this can be avoided by doing adequate research for making your reservations. There are some companies who strictly prohibit children from being a part of their resort.

Make Your Island Wedding Reception Menu Flawless

Island Wedding Receptions

If you are getting married anytime soon, you are probably already neck deep in caterers, florists and bakers. There is so much to plan when you are having a wedding that you may get a tad bit overwhelmed. Try not to worry so much about everything and certainly utilize your bridesmaids to help get any task completed and off of your wedding to-do list. If you are having an island wedding, your resort may already have almost everything planned for you. However, you will still have to choose what kind of food you will be serving at your wedding reception.

A perfect wedding reception menu is one that has diversity, yet does not overwhelm your guests with too many options. You should take into consideration if any of your immediate family or friends have allergies to any foods. It would just be mean to serve only that food! Keep in mind, this is your island wedding and you need to be able to enjoy the food, as well! For example, if your mother is allergic to onion and garlic, then make sure you choose at least one item that does not contain these ingredients so she can at least try the delicious food you will be serving. It would be cruel to make your mother suffer through the reception, not being able to eat, when you know she is a total foodie! Hopefully, you can find some common ground and serve up some yummy dishes for your guests.