Returning To A Tropical Wedding Paradise In Key West

My kid sister got married last year. Her and her husband wanted to have a tropical island wedding and they wanted as many people to come as possible. That means they needed to find ways to save money and make it affordable, so they settled on Key West during the summer. I love Key West and I knew that it was a great spot, but I wasn’t so sure about the summer. Still, it’s my kid sister and I wasn’t going to disappoint her.

It ended up being a spectacular vacation all the way around. The wedding itself was everything she hoped for: beautiful ceremony on the beach and a reception on a gorgeous outdoor dining deck with fantastic fresh seafood and a super fun DJ. What was more surprising was how cool the rest of the trip was, and I mean that in every way possible.  It wasn’t as hot or as humid as I thought it would be, there were so many things to do when we weren’t involved in the wedding, and I got a chance to hang out with some of the locals.

They took me to some of the great off-the-beaten-path Key West restaurants and bars and even hooked me and my boys up with a fishing charter. We had such a great time that a few of us have plans to go back this summer as well. If it’s going to be just as hot in South Boston as it is in the southernmost city, you better believe I’m coming back.

Having An Island Wedding In Key West, Florida

My fiancé and I wanted to do something different for our wedding. We both grew up in the same part of the state and over the years had attended far too many weddings at the reception hall not so affectionately known as “the wedding factory.” We had both been to Key West before and we knew that having a tropical island wedding would be just the special sort of event we were looking for. We started looking into it and realized it would be a lot easier than we thought.

Apparently we aren’t the only people who thought Key West would make a good destination wedding spot. It is voted year after year as the number one choice for couples looking for a tropical wedding. It’s an obvious choice, not just because of how beautiful it is, but also because of how easy it is to get to, all the different choices for the ceremony and reception and the fact that you don’t need passports. In fact, with so many people getting married there each year, we were a little daunted that we wouldn’t have the experience we wanted.

Turns out we had nothing to worry about. We interviewed a few different wedding planners and once we made our decision, we told her exactly what we were looking for. She came back with a list of options that all fit within our budget and we put together not just a scenic ceremony and a fun reception, but also several activities for our guests to do as well. We are both so excited to head back down to Key West this summer to make our dreams come true.

Key West, Florida: The Perfect Place to Plan a Holiday Island Wedding

If you are considering planning an island wedding, you will certainly have fun doing so! There is no better place to get married than Key West, Florida. Not only will you have the cool island breeze blowing through your hair during your wedding photo session, you will also have the glorious landscape of the ocean and pristine beaches in the background.

 This Christmas is a very popular time for couples to get married in Key West, Florida. Not only will you have the opportunity to beat most of the crowds because this is their “slow time” according to vacationers, but you can also enjoy the island when it is less busy. The restaurants will be less crowded which means you will get the best service possible. You may even get a few perks because you are getting married! Everyone loves a little pampering during the week of their wedding. Feel free to get a massage on the beach while you listen to the waves crashing just steps away. You can also find a hot tub and enjoy a nice soak as the sun sets into the blue waters surrounding you. A holiday island wedding is certainly a dream come true for most couples!

 Christmas is a magical time of year and your wedding will also be very magical. Airing these two magical events together is a wonderful idea and will maximize your enjoyment, save your family from cooking a huge meal and also allow you to have the time of your lives.