Taking A Historical Vacation

I know that the point of a vacation, especially one to a tropical island, is so you can spend the whole time just relaxing. But to me, lying on a beach all day is just not something I can do. I get restless after an hour, and so the thought of going to an all-inclusive resort somewhere or taking a cruise just doesn’t appeal to me. My idea of a perfect island vacation spot is Key West, Florida.

It isn’t that I want to be doing something super active or physical, either. Call me a nerd but I love to learn things, and with a history that goes back 500 years, there is always something new for me to learn about when I visit. There are museums to explore, walking tours I can take, even just visiting some of the historic homes and buildings and learning about their place in the history books.

There are plenty of chances for me to relax poolside, and I do almost every morning, with a cup of coffee and a newspaper. When I’m ready for something more, I know it is just a few blocks away. I’ve gone enough that now I start only with a vague idea, maybe just by picking a direction to head in, and spend my day learning about the island while refueling at various Key West restaurants. I may not come home with the greatest tan after one of my vacations, but I am fully refreshed and relaxed from my trip. Since that’s the point of a vacation, I think I’m enjoying the tropics just fine, in my own unique way.

Planning Key in Key West Wedding Receptions

When planning the perfect Key West, Florida wedding or wedding reception there are a lot of unique challenges that will need to be confronted, researched and met head on to make sure everything goes the way you intend it. The region itself has a lot of strengths that make it one of the most popular island wedding and destination wedding locations in the world. With all that warm sunshine and all those ocean activities, it’s not hard to see why so many people find themselves enjoying the beauty of the Keys all seasons of the year. However, the excellent new island cuisine being cultivated by some of the regional restaurants is becoming an additional draw.

Restaurant review websites like Urban Spoon have become archives of customer reviews. It wouldn’t be unlikely to find dozens of reviews where individuals are in search of the best key lime pie and the best crab cakes, and you could benefit from their research! When looking to book your event, the menu and location is always key. You may want to keep in mind whether you are looking primarily for banquet rooms, outdoor dining or patio dining services for you and your guests. Once you find the perfect place to book and cater, the entire process starts to really fit together – entertainment, decorations, etc. – so make sure you don’t settle when you can select. There are a countless number of wonderful, diverse and professional fine dining establishments in Key West, Florida that would be glad to serve you.