Sneaking In A Family Getaway to Key West, Florida

The joke at our house is that our front door should be a revolving one. Both my husband and I have busy careers, plus we volunteer in our community. Our children are active as well, playing sports and joining clubs, and it is not uncommon that even in the summertime, we will go from early in the morning until late at night when all four of us will see each other at the same time.

Planning a family vacation around such chaos can be hectic, but that is why I try and stay on top of it with email alerts for travel deals. Additionally, I sneak in some research when I can on where good, unique destinations are. I figure if we only get a few days to travel as a family, I want to make sure it is something that can’t be replicated just anywhere. That was how we ended up on our first trip to Key West.

The stars aligned and there was a four day period my kids didn’t have anything planned and my husband I could take off a couple of days. It was a very early morning drive to the airport, but that meant we were choosing from several Key West restaurants for lunch that day. When we weren’t enjoying the fresh seafood, we were out on the water watching it swim around, and we got to spend a few stress-free days as a family.

I’m not sure when we’ll be lucky enough to have time to travel together again, but I was glad to discover that we could make a quick getaway to Key West, and I know for a fact that we’ll make it happen again.

Traveling To The Tropics With The Family


My son is at that age where he knows everything and anything that he has to do with his family isn’t going to be cool enough. It’s hard to imagine that a 13 year old would be upset about taking a vacation, but when he found out we were going to Key West, he just rolled his eyes. Luckily, I know more about what Key West had to offer than he did.

The first day we were there, we went on an all-day water adventure that included snorkeling, kayaking and a trip around the island on jet skis. He quickly forgot to act cool and started telling me how cool it all was. The highlight was the look on his face after he came down from parasailing.

Once I knew I had him hooked on how much fun Key West was going to be, I knew we were free to do everything else, including visiting museums, spending time at the beach and enjoying some great meals at the amazing Key West restaurants. He got a chance to pet a shark, hold a real gold bar and watch a cat jump through a hoop, all on the same day.

My co-workers thought I was crazy to try to take a teenager on any vacation, much less one to a place that didn’t come with an amusement park attached. I think the only problem that I ran into by taking the family to Key West is now he won’t shut up asking when we can go back. My son wants to spend more time with his family? I’m okay with a problem like that.

Making The Perfect Family Destination Vacation in Key West, Florida


The older my kids get, the harder it is to find time for the four of us to go on a vacation together. Their summer is full up of clubs and camps, practices and playdates. It actually seems harder to arrange their vacation time than it is for my wife and I. Since I know the time we have is limited, and soon it will be too late, we try to make sure that our destination vacations are as special as ever.

This year that destination is going to be Key West, Florida. I was a little skeptical when my wife mentioned it. After all, that was where my friends and I went to get “wasted away again” on our spring break. But my wife pointed out all of the family friendly activities that there are to do. We’ll be able to spend the day out at a historic Civil war era fort, go snorkeling on a barrier reef, try our hand at deep sea fishing and just lay on a sandy beach and do nothing.

I was surprised to find out how much there was to do on that small island. Just as importantly, when we talked to our kids about it, they both got excited for different reasons. One of our sons is a history buff and can’t wait to explore the museums and architecture, while our other son fancies himself a foodie and is looking forward to experiencing the Key West restaurants. Me? I’m just happy that Key West is going to give us a chance to spend some great quality time together, and maybe I’ll visit a couple of bars from my past. That is if I can remember where they are.

Why Destination Vacations Are Important – Key West Florida


My parents had a hard enough time planning a family vacation around my dad’s work schedule and my brother and I simply being out of school. Now, with both my husband and I working and our three kids seemingly involved in a dozen different clubs, teams and activities, it is almost impossible to find a week each year that we can all get away together. Combine that with the fact that soon the oldest will be going off to college, making sure we have a complete destination vacation is very important to me.

If we‘re only getting one chance a year to go away, I want to make sure it is something unique that the kids can’t experience anywhere else. That was why Key West was the perfect choice for this year’s destination vacation. There is so much history on the island, the architecture is beautiful, there are a myriad of watersports to choose from, and even an exciting arts scene filled with live performances, musicians and galleries.

There is so much distraction in all of our lives today that there is nothing better that a family can do than to sit down on a beautiful outdoor dining deck, enjoy amazing fresh seafood (and the best crab cakes I ever had!) and, most importantly, spend time connecting with each other. The first day, my kids – and their dad – weren’t happy when mom made them leave their smartphones in the hotel room. By the third day, they forgot they had even brought them with. That alone made this destination vacation to Key West one of my favorites.

Key West, Florida: Plan Your Vacation Today

 fun at tropical beach

Everyone wants to go on vacation. There is nothing wrong with wanting to get away from your everyday, mundane life and mix it up a little. These vacations should involve lots of entertainment and loads of fun for everyone involved. You may want to take your family on one of these vacations, but you also may want it to be just yourself and your spouse. Whatever you decide, it will certainly be a vacation to remember forever, especially if you choose lovely Key West, Florida as your vacation destination.

 Southern Florida is known for its blue waters, sandy beaches and relaxed atmosphere. These island communities are as laid back as they come and are the perfect place for you to escape from your everyday life for a week or so. Key West, Florida is especially known for its night life and exciting restaurants. Just about anything you want to do is within walking distance and there is a new adventure waiting around every single corner. If you want a perfect combination of a relaxed vacation and an exciting one, this is certainly the place you should go.

Make sure you go online and research this place a little first. You will want to know exactly where to go and what to do. If you know someone who lives there, you should definitely pick their brain and ask them everything you want to! They may have some insider knowledge that could make your vacation even better than you could have ever imagined.