Why Destination Vacations Are Important – Key West Florida


My parents had a hard enough time planning a family vacation around my dad’s work schedule and my brother and I simply being out of school. Now, with both my husband and I working and our three kids seemingly involved in a dozen different clubs, teams and activities, it is almost impossible to find a week each year that we can all get away together. Combine that with the fact that soon the oldest will be going off to college, making sure we have a complete destination vacation is very important to me.

If we‘re only getting one chance a year to go away, I want to make sure it is something unique that the kids can’t experience anywhere else. That was why Key West was the perfect choice for this year’s destination vacation. There is so much history on the island, the architecture is beautiful, there are a myriad of watersports to choose from, and even an exciting arts scene filled with live performances, musicians and galleries.

There is so much distraction in all of our lives today that there is nothing better that a family can do than to sit down on a beautiful outdoor dining deck, enjoy amazing fresh seafood (and the best crab cakes I ever had!) and, most importantly, spend time connecting with each other. The first day, my kids – and their dad – weren’t happy when mom made them leave their smartphones in the hotel room. By the third day, they forgot they had even brought them with. That alone made this destination vacation to Key West one of my favorites.

Make Your Lists and Check Them Twice in Preparation For Your Island Vacation


Vacationing on an island involves lots of sunscreen. There is no doubt you will want to lie on the beach and soak up some sunshine and also participate in many outdoor activities. From swimming in the ocean to snorkeling with the indigenous fish species, you will definitely need to protect your face and shoulders on your island vacation. No one enjoys being sunburned and you definitely do not want your vacation to be ruined because you could not remember to lather up with sunscreen before your big day out on the water.

There are many indoor activities to enjoy while on your island vacation, but that sort of entertainment is usually saved for nighttime when the sun is down. Fine dining restaurants will be plentiful, but you may not want to spend that kind of cash every single night. There are also many places to shop and find some souvenirs for your friends and family members you left behind!

Another thing you need to consider when on your island vacation is the cost of goods. Since you will be in a somewhat remote location you can certainly bet that things may be a little more expensive than what you are accustomed to. There also may not be a Walmart right around the corner for you to run to in case you forgot something. If you do not have rental car, this could pose a huge problem depending on what you forgot. The trick to your island vacation’s success is to make lists and check them twice.

Tips For Picking A Great Reception Menu In Key West, Florida


Picking a great reception menu for your banquet, wedding reception or other big event isn’t so hard when you’re in sunny Key West, Florida. This island is known for its thriving fine dining culture and entertainment scene, and these venues and performers get plenty of practice. Unlike other regions where the wedding season is the only busy time of the year, Key West remains sunny and warm 365 days a year, meaning that there is a constant influx of tourists no matter what the season. With its cozy climate, beautiful architecture, rich literary history and food, it really is no surprise. This is the go-to spot for destination weddings and destination vacations in the United States, drawing people from diverse backgrounds to enjoy some fun in the sun.

Key West restaurants have a unique draw. Not only do they provide some of the best crab cakes in Florida and what is certainly the best key lime pie in the world, they also are in the midst of a revolution. New island cuisine, a cultural menu upheaval currently being undergone by some of the best restaurants and pioneers of Key West food culture, is on the rise. This menu is an attempt at accurately reflecting all the modern influences of the island’s culture, bringing a plethora of exciting new possibilities in terms of dishes and flavor combinations. When you are planning your great reception menu for your island wedding, consider giving your guests the most authentic experience possible. Look for the new island cuisine for seafood staples and the cuisine of Florida’s future.

Vacationing on an Island: Key West Florida 411

Key West Outdoor Dining

Destination vacations are wonderful and unique experiences. You can vacation in Key West, Florida, Puerto Rico and The Bahamas and all of them would be vastly different and incredibly rewarding experiences. Vacationing on an island brings with it some general things you can plan for and look out for, including the best ways to take advantage of the local fine dining and entertainment culture, what different kinds of beaches can offer you as a tourist, and also how to access some of the more exciting, less touristy areas of a region.

Key West, Florida is a prime example of an island vacation destination that is full of both mainstream and hidden treasures. However, as we all know, some things are best learned by experience, like which Key West restaurant serves the best seafood salad or the best key lime pie? The research, in this case, can be quite rewarding! Restaurant review websites can give you a direct look into real customer reviews of fine dining establishments. Keep an eye out for a staple of island culture – outdoor dining and patio dining areas – when looking for places to eat. It might be a little warm outside, but nothing lets you experience the unique island culture like soaking up the atmosphere while enjoying some of the new island cuisine.

Make your next island vacation something to really write home about. A little bit of research and courage to try new things and get out of your comfort zone is sure to lead to a wonderful and memorable vacation experience.

Destination Vacations: Spotlight on Key West, Florida

Island Vacation

Island vacations can be some of the most rewarding trips of your life, if well planned. Luckily, there are lots of articles that can help you figure out what it is you need to do to make your Key West vacation a success. One of the most important things to look into is the thriving entertainment and fine dining culture. Key West restaurants are part of a booming food economy, one that benefits all year round from the beautiful sunny weather. Weddings and wedding receptions, banquets, award ceremonies and destination vacations are constantly being hosted on our island, meaning that the region has a thriving and professional collection of fine dining establishments. Which Key West restaurant serves the best key lime pie? The answer might be a subjective and controversial subject among the thousands of satisfied visitors and tourists who cycle through our island yearly, but you can rest assured, restaurant review sites can help point you in the right direction. With so many seafood staples on the menu, you could make a game out of eating out on your next trip.

Key West. Florida is a popular destination vacation spot. It’s no wonder why. A rich architectural and literary history, combined with the stable and stunning weather, mixed with the fantastic food culture, means that there’s something for everyone who visits our island. Be sure to slow down and enjoy your next experience with us, taking time to kick back on the beach and soak up the sun. Happy vacationing!

Key West, Florida: Tips for planning an Island Wedding

Island Wedding Reception

Are you looking for tips on planning your island wedding? Look no further! There are all kinds of different ways to put together your island wedding in sunny Key West, Florida. One of the most important things when you’re considering putting your reception together is the modern island culture and new island cuisine. After all, one of the most exciting parts of any destination wedding is the destination! What are the unique things that the location brings to your event experience? Draw up a list of all the reasons Key West appeals to you as a location for your banquet. Then, you can investigate the items one by one. What does each one allow you to bring to your guests and the theme of your wedding? This is a chance to get really creative.

Sometimes, themes organically emerge. In The Keys, for example, you might go with a general beach or island theme, or focus more specifically on the ocean, oceanic creatures, fantastical mermaids, etc. Sea or sea-related themes seem natural in Florida, especially when it’s easily paired with fresh seafood. Our region has some of the best key lime pie in Florida, and taking advantage of that for your reception guarantees a special and unique treat for your guests.

There are a hundred wonderful and exciting reasons to plan your island wedding in Key West, Florida. The unique fine dining and entertainment culture, combined with the beautiful weather, are just some of the perks of spending one of the best days of your life on our island.