Bargain Shopping For Summer in Key West

My husband jokes that I could be the star of my own reality show regarding the lengths I go to when it comes to saving money. But he certainly appreciates when we take all that money I save us and spend it on a destination vacation. Of course, me being me, I can’t book us a trip without making sure we’re saving money in the process. That’s why we’ve been going to Key West for our summer vacation the last few years.

Part of the reason we manage to save so much money on the trip is because a lot of people seem to think like our friends do: “Isn’t it hot there in the summer?” Well, yes and no. I mean it’s summer, so it’s hot everywhere, but Key West is actually cooler, by as much as ten degrees or more, than most of Florida, including many of the destination vacation spots. Plus, it’s cooler in a lot of other ways.

There is no place quite like Key West. If we want to spend an action packed day doing all sorts of activities, we can, and we can just as easily spend a quiet day walking the streets looking at the old houses or sitting by the pool with a book. The good thing about people thinking it’s too hot to visit means that rates are lower and lines are shorter, so not only do we save money over what that trip would cost us in February, we also get to enjoy more of it by not having to worry about crowds.

Plan Your Vacation to Key West, Florida This Year


When you plan a vacation on a tropical island, what are the three main things you could not live without? The answer varies a little from person to person, but usually people will tell you bathing suit, sunblock and a towel! These three things are pretty much all you need for a beach vacation! Key West, Florida is a cozy beach community people flock to from all ends of the earth. If you are looking for your next vacation destination, then make sure you do adequate research on southern Florida. There are many islands, but there is only one Key West!

What kind of vacation do you want? You can have one jam-packed with activities, one with literally nothing planned at all or one with a healthy balance of activities and down time. Most people choose the last option. Even if you start your vacation in Key West, Florida only wanting to relax, eventually you will want to do something like off shore fishing or snorkeling after you have thoroughly relaxed for a few days. Some people in life are planners and need to have a definite itinerary for their vacations, but other people like to book their room, then wing it from there! Whatever makes you most comfortable is what you should do.

Key West, Florida is wonderful year round, but Valentine’s Day is especially romantic. There is no better way to show someone you love them than with a vacation to a tropical island packed with entertainment!