Have An Island Wedding, New Year’s Eve Style, Key West, Florida


Two popular trends seem to be converging on one small island in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico. It seems like many couples are choosing to get married on New Year’s Eve and many other couples are planning a destination wedding to somewhere tropical and fun. Apparently, I have friends who believe in both of those things because, for the third time in four years, I’m going to be spending New Year’s Eve in Key West for a wedding.

The funny part about it is that neither this year’s couple nor the previous two know each other that well. Instead, it is simply a national trend for people to pick Key West as the number two choice overall for destination weddings in the United States. I won’t say which place is first, but if I say that Key West could become number one if they allowed gambling, I bet you can guess.

The good thing about going to a wedding in Key West for New Year’s Eve, besides the fact that it will be much warmer than the twenty or so degrees that I’m used to, is that, because of the large number of weddings hosted on the island each year, everything you could possibly need to make it a great wedding is available. Banquet halls and outdoor dining restaurants to host your reception, florists and bakers that provide amazing flowers and cakes, DJs and bands to make sure everyone has a good time, and of course, some of the best bartenders in the world. Going to an island wedding is so much fun, I’m going to start making new friends, just so I can be invited to even more of them in the future.