An Island Vacation Spring Break Destination – Key West, Florida

This is my senior year of college and my friends and I wanted to do something special. We’ve done spring break trips to destination vacation spots the last few years, but this year, as seniors, we wanted to do something extra special. That was when we decided on Key West, Florida.

It had everything that we would normally want in a spring break vacation. We could spend the days hanging out on the water. That meant both if we felt active and could snorkel on the reef or we were feeling a little more relaxed. Those days we could just lay down on the beach. Volleyball was there if we wanted to join, but if not, we could just sleep off the night before.

Something that made Key West stand out opposed to other Caribbean island vacations was the level of quality found at the Key West restaurants. We knew this would be one of the last chances we’d all be together until graduation, and then after that, who knows when we would see each other again. That made it important to us to have one night together having a dinner that was important.

Turns out we found such a great island we did the dinner three times. None of them were as heavy as the first, mostly because it took us very little to feel how great spring break in Key West Florida can be. Everyone we met was so warm and engaging that when we were out celebrating, we found plenty of people willing to celebrate with us.


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