The Best Island Getaway is In Key West, Florida

The Florida Keys

When you think about a vacation, do you think about the peak of a mountain, or do you think of a tropical island? If you answered mountain top, blessings to you and don’t forget the ear muffs. If, however, you answered tropical island, join me in Key West, Florida.

The Keys is the place to be. It’s a home away from home in the deep south. With its beautiful beaches, lush gardens, and attractive night life, there is never a dull moment on the southern tip of the Sunshine State. When you think island getaway, you think of relaxing, you think sun and surf, you think sunsets, and you probably think expensive. But not so much when you remain domestic and park your beach towel and tasty umbrella drink stateside in the Florida Keys. By far, you will be able to make your dollar stretch farther and enjoy more of the indulgences that a vacation should have if you stay in the good old US of A. Key West restaurants are among the top rated in the country. With their amazing seafood and taste of the island fare, you will enjoy the casual elegance of outdoor dining like never before. Sample a variety of delicious wines, do a pub crawl, or enjoy a cocktail made with the finest top shelf liqueurs. And for dessert, sample the best key lime pie your taste buds have ever experienced. The pocketbook will have plenty of wiggle room left in it for scuba diving, snorkeling, deep sea fishing, touring gardens, or experiencing a variety of historical sites unique to the Keys.

The island experience is a unique blend of relaxation, fine dining, and spoiling yourself that you will not find on any other vacation. Sit back, relax, and enjoy.

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