Destination Weddings in Key West, Florida

Island weddings can be incredibly singular and special, despite destination weddings and island settings being a popular wedding theme. No two are the same, although they often have things in common – fresh seafood, palm trees, outdoor dining options for the wedding reception – so guests can really soak in the atmosphere, and, of course, the heat. If you are not used to the humidity that Florida is home to, you might want to familiarize yourself with it before choosing this as your destination. Big wedding parties especially should be conscientious of how this kind of weather will affect all aspects of the event, from hair (frizz becomes a major concern), makeup (which can melt off if it’s heavily applied and the heat it intense), and general comfort, especially for older guests or those more fragile in health. However, a little bit of cursory research can give insight into when it’s best to book, giving you an edge on beating the heat.

Fine dining options in the sunshine state are plenty. Whether you are looking to serve locally harvested crab cakes or you are on the hunt for the best key lime pie to serve at your wedding reception, you have plenty of options. Although it can be overwhelming, checking out restaurant reviews and online communities that deal with Florida wedding planning can be a huge asset in getting everything running smoothly in preparation for your big day. Destination weddings can be fun, unique and incredibly romantic, so do your homework and make sure the event of your dreams is perfect.

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