Make the Florida Keys the Island You See

When you think of an island vacation, what is it that most comes to mind? For most, it is a faraway place. That is great, however when regarding a far off location, travel is a huge consideration. When travel will take up a good portion of vacation time, how much of a vacation is it really? There are plenty of destination locations that are practically in your backyard. Whether you live on the west or east coast, there are plenty of places, from mountains to islands, around the United States which make perfect destination vacation spots. The most visited island and vacation spot favored by vacationers in the coastal United States has to be Key Islands, Florida. The Keys hosts a string of islands which span 120 miles from Key West to Key Largo. The islands are located a mere five miles off the coast of Florida, and host the only living coral barrier reef in continental U.S.

There is no doubt that everyone is in desperate need of an island getaway at certain times in their life…maybe even a couple times a year to seek out that tropical bliss. As far as local vacations, the Keys have got to be the most relaxing and revitalizing spots in the Eastern United States. From exquisite beaches, shallow clear blue water, famous Key West restaurants, amazing seafood, and a superb nightlife, when you visit the Florida Keys, you will see the reason why many writers, photographers and marine fanatics have come to call this place home.


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