Think About The Off Season For Your Holiday Vacation

Plan your holiday vacation

Planning a vacation is something you dream about the entire year or so leading up to it. This is a time for you to kick back, forget about work and have fun with your closest people! There has been a recent trend in people going on destination vacations. There are no longer only destination weddings. Now you can plan a wonderful and exciting destination vacation and not get married!

 Planning your island vacation is going to be a very exciting time. You will get the chance to fantasize about your perfect vacation and research all of the options available to you. No matter where you choose to go, you may want to consider the holiday season. This is typically a slow time for resorts so they will probably be running some great specials on their accommodations and activities. The farther south you travel, the warmer it gets! Technically, your winter/holiday vacation could be a summer vacation if you travel to the other side of the world! How amazing would it be to come back home with a suntan from lying on the beaches in Australia? Your friends would certainly be jealous and probably proceed to tell you about how miserable they were snowed in at their relatives’ house with everyone around them bickering!

 There is no such thing as too much planning when it comes to a vacation. After all, you are uprooting your entire life for a week or two and must be prepared to conquer life and your island vacation during this time.

Plan Your Perfect Holiday Island Wedding Today

Holiday Wedding

If you are planning a wedding, then you will eventually have to make the decision about when you should have this wedding. The holiday season is a great time to get married because everything will already be decorated beautifully and that is one less thing you will have to see to. A holiday island wedding is an even better idea because it is typically the slow season for resorts and that means they would have extra time to make your special day even more special! You should definitely make sure your island wedding is booked at a place that will offer you many perks like entertainment or many restaurant choices. This will make your experience all the better! When it comes to preparing for your island nuptials, you certainly want to look into everything your resort has to offer, past weather patterns and read online reviews of the facility.

 The amenities package for your island wedding could make or break your trip! If every single activity they have to offer costs an arm and a leg, then you may not want to go with that particular resort. There should be plenty of activities from which to choose and they should also give you some vouchers or credits for other services they offer.

 Going online to research past weather conditions is a must! Since you will be traveling during a time when other people are probably not vacationing, it is important to understand what kind of weather you will be subject to.

 Always read online reviews before spending a penny!



The Best Choice For Your Key West Wedding Reception

Destination Vacatio Beachside

If you are planning a destination wedding in Key West, obviously you are going to want to make choices with the menu that reflects where you are. Key West is known for their fresh seafood and tropical fruits and flavors so don’t be shy about including those as options for your guests. While not everyone may be as adventurous as you (and all of the good Key West restaurants that you talk to about hosting your reception will know this and have some more traditional options as well), many of your guests will appreciate the opportunity to fully embrace the island culture. Keep in mind, however, that what you eat isn’t the only important consideration. You should also look at how you eat.

 Part of the idea behind having an island wedding is for the ceremony and reception to be a little more laid back and casual. There are some people who make sure their reception is a fine dining affair, but most people prefer to keep it less formal. Instead of creating a traditional dining scenario, many couples instead like to offer a continual serving of smaller, lighter dishes. This lets people relax a little more and enjoy themselves. Keep in mind, too, that Key West is pretty warm all year round, and nobody likes to have a heavy meal in the heat. By going a less traditional route with your wedding reception menu, both in what you serve and how you serve it, you can be sure to create an event that will have people buzzing for months to come.

Taking It Easy With An Island Vacation in Key West, Florida

sea cocktail

There is a certain relaxed joy that comes from going on an island vacation. With the dress code being more relaxed, you don’t have to worry about packing as much. The debate that can rage on other vacations about what you are going to do today is pretty much reduced to “relax on the beach or by the pool?” and there isn’t the incessant pressure that comes from trying to do the same thing as a million other people. That doesn’t mean, however, that your island vacation has to be simple and repetitious. Not if you go to an island like Key West, Florida.

 Key West has all of the same attributes that make so many other Caribbean Islands a popular choice for destination vacations, but it offers so much more beyond that without raising the pressure. Take dining out, as an example. The meals you will find at the Key West restaurants, for instance, will be some of the best in the world, thanks to the international chefs who have chosen to make the southernmost island their home, but even the finest of fine dining doesn’t mean you have to pack your extra tux or evening gown. On an island known for its casual elegance, dressing up usually means putting on your clean flip flops.

 You want your island vacation to be relaxing, so make sure you don’t have to worry about going through customs or doing a currency exchange. Make your plans instead to visit the only Caribbean Island you can drive to…the United States own Key West. And when you are packing light, don’t forget to leave your stress at home, as well.

Choosing The Right Destination Vacations

Destination Vacation

All sorts of recent surveys say that the majority of people who have paid vacation days seldom take all of what is available, and many end up using less than half. While some of this is attributable to the 24/7 workplace fostered on us by smartphones and instant connectivity, I think some of it also has to do with people not knowing how to take a proper vacation anymore. To get the most out of your time away, you need to be sure you do something that can’t be replicated just anywhere. That is why I am a big fan of “destination vacations” and my favorite one has always been Key West, Florida.

 What makes Key West such a special place is that there are many things there I could do other places, but there is no other place I could do them all. With its mix of museums and historical architecture, water sports and golf course, relaxing days on the beach and exciting nights on the town, and the world famous Key West restaurants, I know that when I’m on my vacation, no matter what mood I’m in, I will be able to do what interests me.

 More and more companies are instituting a “use it or lose it” policy when it comes to vacation days, and I’m seeing too many of my friends simply take a day off here and there without doing anything special. Don’t be like them. Plan your destination vacation today and make sure you get your money’s worth with your vacation days. You earned them, so go out and enjoy them.

What Not To Do For Your Key West Island Wedding

Key west Wedding at Sunset

My wife and I have both always loved Key West, so naturally, when we decided to get married, it was going to be a destination wedding in our favorite place. After having a wedding that was even better than either of ever imagined, I have one tip for anyone looking to plan a Key West wedding: don’t. I mean that in the greatest way possible.

There are so many warm, friendly and (most importantly) talented people down there whose mission in life seems to be making sure everybody has the wedding of their dreams, we soon discovered we hardly had to lift a finger in order to put our wedding together. It wasn’t a case of these people making the decisions for us or telling us what they thought we needed, either. Every single one of them listened to us, helped us come up with a perfect plan, and then did everything they needed to do to make it happen. They found us the perfect place for our wedding reception, a great spot to have pictures taken in front of a beautiful sunset, and even found us a “junkanoo” band to help us march from the ceremony to the reception and then again after the reception as we went out on Duval Street.

I can’t stress enough what an amazing time we had getting married in Key West, and how much of it was so easy to take care of, thanks to all of the wonderful people we met. If it is your dream to have an island wedding that is something to remember forever, Key West, Florida is the place to do it.

Making The Most of Your Key West Reception

Luxury wedding on a beach

There’s an old saying, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” I have always found this to be a great way to travel, especially if I am taking island vacations. It gives me a chance to see the island from a different perspective and grants me a greater appreciation of where I am. Key West, Florida is no different. Granted, as part of the United States, it is certainly less exotic than other islands I‘ve gone to, but this doesn’t mean it’s the same as a trip to St. Louis or Seattle. To get the best out of it, I immerse myself in it.

Keep this in mind when you are planning the reception for your island weddings. The seafood there is some of the freshest you will ever be able to experience, so why would you want to limit yourself and your guests to the same choices they could have back home? Keep in mind that Key West restaurants host hundreds of weddings every year, and that most of those people getting married aren’t from just down the street or the next island over. These restaurants know how to take care of even the pickiest eaters, and the last thing you want to hear after your wedding is how cousin Jerry couldn’t find anything he liked to eat.

The joy of destination weddings is wedding receptions featuring outdoor dining of casual elegance with the finest foods. A wedding in Key West is going to be so special and beautiful. Don’t ruin that beauty by limiting your menu choices to the same old options. Let your guests taste the flavors that brought you there in the first place.